The average human eats so many things that they don’t realize they are eating.

But that nastiness aside, yeah! I’d love to have a night of watching cartoons and stuff, I miss our together time :D Just let me know when you’re available. I’ll bring us some luxury snacks.  

Really? Man- I guess we do, too, but not like that.

Yes yes yes yes yes can we do it tonight? I’ve got all these cartoons that I want to catch up on- I wanna catch up on Steven Universe.

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Whatever you heard, it’s wrong.

Probably all the info you have on me is wrong, Sounds.


Not strong enough; he never had it in him to kill me when he had the chance.

That had nothing to do with the strength of his spark- though I wish the one in my universe did. It would have saved-

Anyhow, you’re holding that against him?


I agree with this idea, afterwards, if anyone tries to bother you about it, just say “Well you are one to talk, what about the time you ate those pieces of mouse, and those finger nails? And ALL THOSE BOOGERS?” 

Because if they are a human, chances are they have eaten all those things.

We should cuddle and watch all these different really cool cartoons- sounds like a night, right?

They do? They eat parts of themselves?

Yeah, I don’t think humans are one to talk.

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phase6blackshadow sent: Did somebody say hugs??




What a disservice. He always was soft in the spark. 

Hey, nothing wrong with that. And it was a strong spark- one of the strongest.


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You are most annoying—does Optimus ever tell you this?

No. No. He doesn’t. He couldn’t really do that, but- still.

roddaxios sent: Smokey I want in on this Hugging action, pleeese!!

/All the hugs!/


clich-a replied to your post:the-scrappy-stinger answered: (HUG!) /HUGS!/ …

You still owe me a cuddle, we’ll fit some hugs in then.


you’re going to get many many cuddles clich

and I think with that, my name’ll be cleared! It’ll all be good. I can go through life without anyone bringing up the one time I ate something weird. And get to hugging and stuff.

Anonymous sent: Thanks for the hugs Smokescreen.:) And aww you still say 'Auntie' you're so sweet.:3

Of course! ‘Cause you’re my Auntie Anon.

/Even more hugs for Auntie Anon. Smokey’s a lot bigger now, of course, so he’s being as gentle as he can here./

jackie-the-wrecker sent: "Uh, BJ bonanza Smokey - really? That's what you kids do these days?"

I’m trying to clear my name, Wheels- It’s weird, but I’m pretty sure it’ll help with this problem I’ve got.

Then again, maybe just not giving any attention to it’ll work too.


the-scrappy-stinger answered: (HUG!)


@roddaxios answered: I’m always up for smokie hugs!!!

And I’m always up for giving hugs!

/All of the hugs./

Anonymous sent: As far as I can tell... ever.

Yeah, I can’t go for that. Thanks anyhow, Nonymous! And I’ll still hug five people.

officialsmokescreen sent: I wake up and suddenly everyone's talking about you being a spike eater?

Yeah- it happened. One time. Last year. And I haven’t been able to live it down.

Anonymous sent: Oo! Oo! Me! Me! I want a hug! I've never gotten a hug from you when you're big again.:D *Aunt Anon is begging you* Pleeeaaaase.

/All the Auntie Anon hugging!/

You don’t gotta beg, Auntie Anon. I’d be glad to hug you anytime!